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Mobile LED displays for taxis and vehicles

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Mobile LED displays for taxis and vehicles are the most effective advertising devices for your advertisers.

With LED advertising screens, advertising is no longer static, but also mobile, thanks to mobile LED advertising screens that can be installed on vehicles specially equipped for transport such as taxis, vans and trucks. Thanks to these high quality LED screen you can transmit HD videos, photos of products or advertising services of your clients.

Mobile LED displays are another way to reach a large potential audience, as it is not the audience that reaches the ad, but rather the ad moves through town to reach the audience.

Fully customizable mobile LED displays

The mobile LED advertising screens are you totally customized in size and image resolution according to the requirements of our clients.

For this, our technical team can provide you with the necessary advice and guidance to obtain the LED screen that best suits your needs.

How and when to control the emissions of my mobile LED advertising screens?

Each of the LED Mobile Advertising Screens has incorporated a content reproduction system, as well as the possibility of having Very easy to use external programs that help with the interaction of different LED screens at the same time.

We will advise you on choosing the ideal control system for each case, with specialists in this type of control systems.

Using computers with an Internet connection, mobile LED displays can be programmed anytime, anywhere. In this way, you can broadcast your clients' advertising when it suits you best, helping to increase visibility without the use of a paper billboard.

We manufacture and install LED screens for taxis, trucks, vans and private transport according to your needs and with customized budgets.
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