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Mobile LED Display Signage Technology

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We are the pioneers of mobile digital billboards. Yup, that’s right, for 15+ years we have been the mobile led display trucks that are helping clients promote their brand through our aesthetically pleasing led screens and with ear-catching audio.

As mobile video signs, mvs, we captivated crowds with a fleet of our eye-catching innovative mobile led display trucks. These led advertising trucks proved to be one of the most creative ways to advertise brands with sharp, cutting-edge, and the latest in mobile led screens digital technology. One of the most creative ways to advertise brands. That’s when our clients realized that they were very effective where other traditional billboards used for outdoor advertisement were missing out.

With attractive and vibrant campaigns on our digital display billboards, we were able to grab people’s attention through various formats with video, sounds, graphics and even live streaming that gained momentum towards brand awareness and recognition throughout the country.

This digital outdoor advertising has since been noted as a prominent and unique way of advertising that reaches an array of audiences that is often missed by other mediums, such as traditional broadcasting, still billboards and print. These mobile led display trucks are a profound approach that leads to valuable customers and an increase in impressions, brand awareness and sales. All while staying within a relatively low marketing budget.

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