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Mobile display truck

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The truck was invented after 275 experiential campaigns were conducted with the smaller mobile display truck. So we added the 14’ and 18’ mobile display truck to the fleet. We added the side and rear doors complete with built in steps. Generator power and an RV style HVAC was also added.

In 2018, a vehicle was been converted to a mobile display truck with a brand new Ford chassis. The new 14’ mobile display truck has all the important glass walled, two entrance features of the 18’ versions.

The 14’ mobile display truck presents displays via transparent windows while offering valuable real estate for vinyl wrap branding. This new value priced truck can be utilized to take your brand to the next level. The vehicle has unique features such as climate control, dual entries, built-in stairs and storage with on-board power.

We can feature three sizes of mobile showrooms with vinyl wrapping dedicated to your brand and a custom built scene displayed inside allowing you to bring your showroom out to the public.

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