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Mobile Digital Advertising Truck

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Digital Mobile Billboards

Take LED mobile billboard advertising to the next level with our patented high definition fold out displays. We manufacture our mobile advertising truck with the capability of three separate HD outdoor LED displays that converge into a seamless ultra-widescreen video wall. These premiere mobile LED mobile advertising trucks offer unprecedented outdoor clarity to stun clients, reach eyeballs and turn heads. Learn more about why our Ultra-widescreen HD Video Billboard Trucks are the best LED products available.

Brilliant And Beautiful Displays

We custom build the only LED mobile advertising truck in the industry with a pixel pitch of 3mm, giving you the highest resolution and most versatile mobile advertising product out there. FTL Displays pioneered the advanced UV coating that allows for outdoor LEDs at this pixel density.

High Visibility Day Or Night

Outshine your rivals with our digital signage’s intense luminosity, 50% brighter than any other mobile billboard advertising display on the market. Increase your ROI and double the total hours you can operate your mobile billboard advertising as you reach your audience during the daylight with no problem.

4k High Resolution Display

We’ve produced the world’s first 3MM Outdoor LED Display utilizing our patented UV coating process, and giving you 4X more resolution than other products on the market.

Target Your Location

While billboards are a great way to make your message large and noticeable, their location may not always be ideal. Our mobile advertising trucks allow you to bring the message to your desired audience. Place it on your business's front lawn, at a conference, driving on the streets, a picnic or anywhere else. The mobile nature of our truck advertising system allows you to reach customers where they are.

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