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Mobile Billboards on the Move

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Large-format LED mobile billboards, stadium scoreboards and roadside pylons — have become urban fixtures, as in Times Square and Las Vegas, where huge LED mobile billboards enhance promotions and advertising with high-resolution images and an impressive palette of up to 16.7 million colors.

However, a secondary market of temporary, independent locations has added two new attributes to videoboards — mobility and portability. If Mohammed can’t come to the mountain, then the mountain must come to Mohammed.
Moving on

LED mobile billboard trucks offer clients at least two media resources: replay of pre-recorded advertising and the ability to do on-site, live coverage of an event. Typically, clients use screens for live coverage, but we’re seeing an increased use in pre-recorded ads to provide enhanced advertisement for event sponsors.

Creating a mobile sign is simple: Attach an LED mobile billboard to a truck, and take it to the customer. To do so, we build a series of LED subsections as display tiles, assembles them as a screen, and then places them on trucks with portable generators. The truck’s small control center manages the sign’s output, be it a pre-recorded looping advertisement, a live feed from an on-site camera or satellite broadcast downloaded as display content.

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