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Mobile Billboard Advertising Works

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Mobile Static Billboards

Your mobile billboard advertising strategy is as unique as your brand. With Mobile Billboard advertising you can take your message directly to the areas you need to target with the flexibility and mobility you need to pivot and change tactics during peak performance periods. This leads to greater ad engagements on your mobile billboard message and in turn means that your advertising budget works harder and is more cost effective than most other mediums.

Though traditional mobile billboards evolved as a form of out-of-home (or OOH) mobile advertising, the fusion of mobile billboard trucks and led mobile billboard technologies for advertising has helped us redefine this niche of mobile ad service known as high-impact/high-penetration mobile outdoor advertising.

Mobile Billboard Truck Solutions

While the effectiveness of mobile billboards is on the rise, top industry researchers working with Outdoor Advertising Magazine have measured the trajectory of ads served via mobile billboard trucks continue to track on a curve that outpaces all other comparative advertising media (with the exception of television). Mobile billboard advertising now produces a 97% recall rate in studies, and 96% of those surveyed respondents reported that mobile advertising was more effective in capturing their engagement and remaining ‘sticky’ during the following period of message retention, than traditional outdoor advertising.

The benefits of mobile billboard advertising

Time and again studies show that the ad consumption metrics associated with mobile billboard truck advertising prove that the ad message being delivered is far less likely to be ignored or passively cognitively recognized by drivers, when compared to other advertising they encounter. Mobile billboard advertising also has these important benefits: Cost Effective; Impulse Market; Flexibility; Geotargeting.

Mobile Static Billboards

Our mobile billboard ads served through our unique mobile advertising truck platforms are also ideal for grand openings, sales, special promotions and events. But don’t take our word for it! Read below and see how our mobile billboard advertising solutions have changed the landscape and profitability of both large and small businesses for owners just like you.

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