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Led screen for car RGB square display

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Led screen for car RGB square display with Bluetooth control via App on your mobile phone can be placed on any car window and send emoticons when communicating with the outside world. The car panel displays emoticons, symbols, and even animations. Thanks to this led car display you can communicate with others around you and respond events that might occur while driving. 

On the colored LED board, the individual images can be selected via the application in the mobile phone. The color RGB led car display also allows you to display text entered via APP. You can also set different display effects and font style in the text. This led car display onto the rear window can also be used as an equalizer. Just play music through the mobile app and a color equalizer appears on the RGB display.

The LED panel is powered via through the connector to the cigarette lighter. It can be mounted onto the inner window via a strong suction cup, and light intensity control is also possible, so you can adjust it even if you have foils on the rear window. The diameter of the led car display is 13 cm and power 10W. 

LED diodes are with high brightness and therefore the image is clearly visible even from a distance. You can connect to the RGB led car display via the WiFi interface and the APP is free to download via the Google Play/Apple store. It is suitable for mobile phones with operating system.
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