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LED Display Bus Sign

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The LED display bus sign has an unparalleled visual impact. Through high definition characters, 120° horizontal visibility, and automatic brightness control, the electronic signs are easily visible day and night and in many weather conditions. They are built to be both lightweight and inexpensive to maintain due to the elimination of moving parts and the long life of LED.

The bus LED destination sign is part of a comprehensive and modular passenger information system. The LED display bus can be connected with an audio system and an multimedia LCD-TFT monitor system can be used to show next-stop and route progress information, service advisories, and both still and video advertising. However, these additional systems are not available in North America.

Following types are available:

Available in amber or white color, the new series features high performance surface mount technology (SMT) LEDs and a lightweight aluminum case. Destinations can be selected through the embedded keypad of the DC600 control unit and uploaded with a USB stick.

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