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LED Digital Advertising Truck

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These 12’ glass box vehicles taught us the benefit of changing billboards and how to promote with three dimensional scenes built and visible inside. As the company grew, we added larger billboard trucks and larger glass walled display trucks. This year, we finished our search for our first LED (digital) advertising truck. Our experience placing business on other owner’s LED advertising trucks over the last few years proved that political, event based and general advertising needs are often met by a quality LED advertising truck. We chose to invest heavily in the LED technology and are happy to realize the following benefits immediately.

We have found that our clients want to change art and downloading new images and video can happen in moments with our state of the LED advertising truck.

Modification of Your Supplied Ford diesel Transit-350 cutaway base and Unicell fiberglass body.

P-6 (6MM pitch) LED screens installed in custom made aluminum screen racks open in the rear with no boxes. (3) 1 on each side (10' 1" x 5' x 8") and 1 in the rear door (5' 8" x 5' 8"). Sending cards, receiving cards, light sensors, video processors. All wiring and power supplies installed.

Generator: Onan Quiet Diesel 12,000 watts installed in center of the body. Modified exhaust and diesel fuel pick up out of LED advertising truck.

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