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Jingchuan Mobile Display Truck Overseas Development Prospect

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Mobile display trucks give the world a different wonderful. Mobile display truck is a new type of communication medium that organically combines automobile and large LED display screen, in the form of three-dimensional video animation, with rich and diversified contents and real-time display of graphic and text information, which can be used for mobile advertising. We have already looked tired of flat, static paint ads on the bus bodies, and we have turned a blind eye to the slow-moving buses. As an advertiser, it is also annoying to this form of advertising, because it is not very effective. Mobile advertising vehicle is a new style of communication media, that as a mobile TV rolling back and forth between the crowd. The radiation range and intensity of mobile advertising truck is incomparable with that of traditional media. It is not only overcomes some inherent defects of traditional media, but also is a beautiful scenery in street. For example, traditional advertising media is limited by time and region. As an audience, the advertisement can only be seen in a specific period of time and a specific area. After a certain period of time or location, the advertisement may not be seen, which greatly affects the expected effect of the advertisement. Presently, the manufacturing cost of mobile display truck in China is about 30% to 50% of that of similar oversea products, which gives us a big competitive advantage in price. The national "THE BELT AND ROAD" policy is "protecting" for us and help us develop oversea markets smoothly. A large number of outdoor LED media operators are emerging in oversea market. Under the situation of continuous technologic innovation, price reduction and huge potential market, LED mobile trailer & truck will be more widely used, not only in public life and commercial activities, but also in all aspects of our lives. Under this impetus, mobile advertising vehicle industry will gain more development opportunity and maintain a prosperous development trend. In the overseas market, the Mobile LED vehicle is in the stage of rapid development and growth. I believe that in the near future, mobile advertising vehicle will be applied in more fields, and various new mobile display trucks products will emerge in the market, bringing better, more convenient and more energy-saving experience to consumers at home and abroad.

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