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How to Optimize Mobile LED Panel

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1.Create compelling ads

In today’s digital age, if you are using simple mobile led panel with no digitalization, then you are denying yourself the fruits of modern technology.

With digital billboards, clients have the flexibility of delivering their message in multiple formats using static images or video and enforce those ads with an accompanying audio message – something you cant do with a normal billboard or even a digital billboard.

2.- Take advantage of the technology

Our onboard software allows our clients to rotate their ads or change their messaging based on a number of programmable triggers such as day, time or GPS coordinates to name a few. An example of a programmable trigger based on GPS coordinates would be program a specific ad to play in a different language based on the ethnicity of the neighborhood in which the vehicle is transiting at any given time of the day.

This technology available on a mobile digital billboard opens up avenues for the establishment of creative marketing campaigns that no other medium allows.

How about displaying a scannable QR code that is redeemable for free or discounted products at a nearby retail store for a limited time? If you are advertising your brand at a certain event, how about utilizing the huge mobile LED screens on the sides of the LED billboard truck to display a picture of pedestrians posing in front of the image being displayed on the LED billboard truck, which is automatically uploaded to their Instagram account with your brand front and and center?

Think outside of the box or speak with your marketing manager who can propose a number of creative “guerilla marketing techniques” which are available with our digital mobile led panel.

3.Plan your route

Determine the best route of your digital LED billboard truck in order to obtain maximum visibility with your target audience.

Want to target the commuter who is stuck in their car? Then program our LED billboard trucks to circulate the most heavily transited roads, highways and city centers during peak rush morning, lunch and evening rush hour traffic.

Do you want to market to certain ethnic markets in different languages, we will schedule our vehicles to transit the city streets and residential neighborhoods where your targeted ethnic group works, eats or lives.

Our expert marketing managers can suggest a route, but it is better you take interest in choosing a route that best suits your needs and your objectives.

4.Study the data

Once you have determined the route chart of the digital LED billboard truck, and have estimated the amount of individual impressions your message will be displayed to on that route, you can easily determine the effectiveness of your advertising campaign by comparing the data generated by your internal systems supporting your campaign.

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