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How much do you know about led advertising vehicles?

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LED advertising vehicle is a companion product after the rise of LED industry. It is a new type of communication medium that integrates cars with large LED display screens in a three-dimensional video animation form with rich and diverse content, real-time display of graphic information, and mobile advertising. Generally used for product promotion, brand promotion, talent show, sales on-site display, sports events, concerts, concerts, etc. Can carry out on-site display and exchange.

 Ten advantages

1. new media

People are inherently curious about new things, and the media can always attract more consumer attention and curiosity, so both companies and businesses are always looking for new media and new ways to promote their products. . Enterprises often put advertisements on new media with twice the result with half the effort. If they cooperate with the common "hype" of advertising companies, TV and newspapers at the same time, they will bring more news effects.

The research of the powerful media also found that if the advertiser can create a very positive and positive impression for the first time and let the audience fall in love at first sight, then the significance is extraordinary. This first time is very critical and very very important. As a brand-new media, taxi LED display advertisements will surely attract great attention from the entire market, and have the opportunity to form a sensational effect and obtain greater communication value.

 2. Elastic fluidity

In the survey of the powerful media, what form did you use to watch the "World Citizen" public service advertisement for the first time? The cognitive data after the prompt is that the bus body accounts for 38%, the waiting hall accounts for 23%, the subway light rail accounts for 11%, the roof top is 14%, and the highway is 9%. From this point of view, the public body is the most able to grasp the eyeball. When asked what is the reason for paying attention to this advertisement? The first is often seen, the second is color, and the third is to like this brand. It can be seen that the secondary frequency is the biggest factor in the effectiveness of outdoor media.

The high liquidity of taxi LED display ads is one of the most frequently watched by consumers in all outdoor media. In addition, relative to the fixed route bus body advertisement, the value of the taxi LED display advertisement is balanced, and there is no so-called golden section and non-gold section. Taxi has the characteristics of "chasing the crowd" that no other media has, that is, the taxi will actively find a crowded area to stay, especially the place where major events occur, such as concerts, trade fairs, sports venues, hotels, hotels. Office buildings and many more.

3. Strong visual impact

The height position of the car body advertisement is exactly the same as the pedestrian's line of sight, and the advertisement information can be propagated to the audience at close range, so as to achieve the maximum visibility. At the same time, advertisements are particularly eye-catching for motorists.

 4. Thousand people cost low cost-effective

The higher frequency of arrival and contact, and the lower cost per thousand people, are suitable for long-term delivery, especially making it play a significant role in the single information request, cooperating with radio media, and establishing and maintaining brand memory. According to the statistics of Quark Market Research, among the mainstream media in the country, magazines have the highest average cost per thousand people, at 20.8 yuan, followed by TV ads at 20.64 yuan, newspaper ads at 10.28 yuan, radio ads at 4.43 yuan, and body ads at 1.19 yuan. Taxi LED advertising is only a few cents. Therefore, in all media, the average cost per thousand people of taxi advertising is the lowest and most competitive. Taxi advertising can be said to occupy the time and location. It is a veritable "one investment, one hundred percent return"!

 5. High contact probability and stable contact frequency

Taxi LED display advertising is the outdoor advertising media with the greatest visible opportunity. Audiences in daily life and work are bound to come into contact with the advertising messages we pass. Body advertisements are the most visible outdoor advertising media. For example, in a city with more than 10 million permanent residents and temporary residents, the average operating distance of taxis is about 13KM, and each car operates 460 kilometers per day. Based on the actual visible range of body advertisements, the average area covered by bicycles is 0.3 square kilometers and runs daily The average number of visits is 28, and the average daily contact is more than 87,000. If calculated based on the release time of 3 months, the effective OTS can reach 7800,000.

The difference in the number of advertisements and the geographical environment and urban area make the contact frequency of different cities different, but on the basis of the monthly release scale of 7,000 vehicles, it can basically guarantee more than two contacts per week in the target area Frequency, so as to estimate a three-month release period, the total contact frequency of its target area can reach more than 24 times, which is enough to protect its impression of advertising.

6. Super liquidity and elastic potential energy

The most mobile form of outdoor media, in addition to the general characteristics of outdoor media, has the most outstanding elasticity in the dissemination of advertising information. The effect of advertising is the best. Through surveys of domestic and foreign markets, among many advertising media, the advertising effect of taxi LED display ads is the most effective. Strong geographic targeting. The mobility of the advertising media for taxi LED display screens allows them to target specific places to spread advertising information to achieve advertising purposes.

 7. Compulsive

Psychology shows that people are most concerned about moving and moving objects, especially taxis.

 8. High arrival frequency

The passenger questionnaire survey showed that 86% of the contacts noticed the content of taxi advertisement information, that is, effective OTS was 6,733,800 person-times.

 9. Quick response

Taxi advertisements can be spread all over the street in a day. This is an absolute advantage that TV, newspapers, radio, outdoor advertising and other media do not have. It is called "living" media. Taxi has great mobility and is not restricted by the area. It can travel through every corner of the town. Its impact is deep, the scope is wide, the audience is large, and it is not limited by time and line. The transmission of information is unmatched by other advertisements.

10. Advertising strategy works perfectly

Effectively cooperate with the advertising of radio media (high-altitude + ground advertising mode). At the same time, it can be connected to terminal sales points (stores, supermarkets, restaurants, restaurants, etc.) to prompt consumers to purchase to match local sales. Special operation, unlimited creativity. According to your needs, taxi LED display ads can provide more creative forms of advertising.

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