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High Quality Mobile LED Screens

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Our Mobile LED Trailers were custom built to allow us to reliably deploy a true 16:9 screen at any event in as little time as possible. These mobile led screens are built on our X5 LED Panels and offer maximum visibility in all types of conditions. From full sun to rain, and even 40 mph winds, our LED trailers offer the very best viewing experience for your audience.

Rapid Setup

Mobile LED Trailers can be setup in 20-30 minutes from the time we are parked at your venue. With low-profile outriggers, an automatic leveling system, and hydraulic mast, our small footprint means you can squeeze us between bleachers, next to buildings, and in other tight areas.

Once parked and powered up, we have the capability to wirelessly manage content on the mobile led screen from outside the LED trailer, providing greater flexibility and control to our clients and technicians.

Self Sufficient

All of our LED trailers are equipped with a whisper quiet generator to ensure that we are completely self sufficient at any event.

Inside our LED trailers, we maintain a climate controlled production space that provides our clients, a convenient and reliable area to control an entire event.

Off-Set Cost with Advertising

Our LED trailers are equipped with advertising panels that fold out beside the mobile led screen and a rail on the outside edge of the LED trailer roof that can accommodate large banners. Many of our customers will approach advertisers to offset the cost of having a mobile led screen at their events. We can provide printed panels & banners upon request.

Superior Sound

With high quality speakers already mounted to the mobile led screen, audiences will have clear audio regardless of where they are located in the venue.


Our Mobile LED Trailers are built on the Absen X5 LED panels. These panels offer a 5.2mm pixel pitch for both indoor & outdoor applications.

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