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Exhibition Trucks Choose Mobility

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Customers are everywhere today

That’s why it makes sense to be where they are – at trade fairs, in the field, at their place of work or leisure. In direct sales, face-to-face contact and even a short conversation are priceless. Building friendly and long-lasting relationships in this form increases our chances of making a sale.

Exhibition trucks are becoming an all-round partner for achieving business goals. The exhibition truck body in this equipment variant is tailored to the requirements of a specific industry. Depending on the needs, the body is individually equipped or fitted with dedicated solutions and accessories.

20 m3 of mobile exhibition

This cubature offers great possibilities of development for the needs of mobile business. The advantage of the exhibition truck body in this configuration is the driver’s cab integrated with the body.

Versatile equipment

Every surface is utilised to the maximum to present the exhibition trucks of your choice. This can be achieved with a variety of usable solutions. See selected examples from our past projects.

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