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E-XL3070 LED advertising vehicle

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The JCT E-XL3070 LED advertising vehicle has high mobility and is not limited by regions. It can travel to every corner of the town, with a profound impact, a wide range, and a large audience.

Advertising mobile vehicles are not limited by time, location, or route. They can transmit advertising information to the general public anytime and anywhere, which is incomparable to other outdoor billboards and other media. Have you been moved? Action is better than heart beating! Contact us quickly!

Parameter Description:

  1. overall size: 5180x1710x2640mm.
  2. P5 left side outdoor full color screen, Dimension: 2560mm*1600mm.
  3. Rear outdoor full-color display (P5) Size: 960x1440mm.
  4. power consumption (average consumption) : 0.3 degree/m² / H, total consumption.
  5. equipped with multimedia player system, support U disk play, support mainstream video format, mobile phone synchronous play.
  6. Equipped with 28V150AH generator, 2 12V250AH batteries.
  7. input voltage 220V, starting current 15A.

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