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Display Mobile Led Signs

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LED Trailer Displays allow you the flexibility to change the location of your mobile LED signs as you see fit, without the investment in a permanent mounting structure or having to obtain permits. When put in a high visibility, high traffic areas, LED Trailer Signs are one of the most effective ways to advertise and create exposure.

We bring you the most state-of-the-art LED Trailer Sign in the industry. An adjustable lift elevates the signs to 11 feet from ground level while a custom-designed turn table allows you to rotate the signs 90 degrees. This unique rotation option ensures optimum viewing in any situation and allows you to put your advertisements exactly where your customers will see them.

The heavy duty trailer meets all registration and safety regulations -- giving you years of outstanding performance. This custom-designed mobile LED signs trailer is perfect for any outdoor event. Available in single and full color each LED trailer is custom-built with the size, resolution and type of mobile LED signs you choose.

All of our mobile LED signs come with our easy-to-use software with text, graphics, animation, full video capabilities, a spare parts package, IP68 weatherproof cabinet, free lifetime technical support and warranty.

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