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Big Bounce Fun of Exhibition Trailer

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Exhibition trailers provide a cost-effective visual advertising solution with a versatile footprint and high degree of maneuverability. Tailgate fans, this exhibition trailer is for you! Our exhibition trailers are particularly great at sports events, keeping a clear track of any game going on so your fans don't miss a single minute. With the flexibility of being mobile makes this an ideal visual display for all and any sports fans. 


Exhibition trailers can be equipped with numerous modifications like rotating lifts, tri-fold super-wide screens, or double-sided displays. We can easily adapt them to your unique use case. Our team listens to your wants and needs, then we cater a build with those specifications. Sizes can also vary based on desired number of screens as well as plan of use. Not only are our exhibition trailers feature-rich, but they can endure a variety of harsh weather conditions from desert heat to rain-filled days. Their sturdy builds ensure that they will survive transport to a different city or a different state. Our exhibition trailers are durable and road ready for whatever roads you choose to take it on. 


We’ve produced the world’s first 3MM outdoor LED display utilizing our patented UV coating process, and giving you 4X more resolution than other products on the market. Our exhibition trailers are guaranteed to be brighter and more clear than any other trailer, resulting in high visibility day or night. Keep your audience's attention with our digital signage’s intense luminosity, 50% brighter than any other mobile billboard on the market, so you can display content on sunny summer days with no problem. Our available screen builds vary from P3 or P6 which have both their pros and cons for visibility, but the important thing is that we give you the choice.

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