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Application of LED Vehicle Technologies

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The recent technologies for vehicular networks including wireless communication have allowed LED vehicles to provide biosensor based various applications to a driver.

This paper proposes a system to provide a driver with the application which the driver wants in a LED vehicle using driver’s biodata. The proposed system is composed of four components including a sensing unit, an inference unit, an application providing unit, and vehicular network unit.

In this paper, the experiments were performed for correlation investigation between the number of biodata and the reliability of driver’s characteristics extraction. We found that the number of the data used had a significant influence on improving the driver’s satisfaction level, playing an important role in reflecting driver’s status. Experiments using actual LED vehicles are conducted to examine the effectiveness of the proposed system, and the results are analyzed and discussed.

The results on the investigation of detection of biodata in gasoline and diesel LED vehicles by the experiments are also given. We confirmed that the proposed sensing method was capable of accurate detection irrespective of LED vehicle mode and LED vehicle type.

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