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Animated Bluetooth Controlled LED Car Display

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The led car display allows you to display images without being distracted on the road.

Smart Bluetooth programmable 12V graphic text animation and full color mini smiley led car display for car or Uber/taxi


Control mode: Bluetooth APP (Android iOS);

Language: English, Chinese

The application language is in English.

Available in a variety of fonts and background colors (red/yellow/blue/green/white/cyan/purple)

Message: 8 messages, each containing 80 characters.

Run list support (1-8)

3 font styles (normal, italic, bold)

Brightness adjustable (1-8),

Speed adjustable (1-8)

8 different mobile modes (Left, Right, Hold, Snow, Up, Down, Flash, Marque)

Preset graphic symbols (telephone, heart, star, arrow, triangle, square...)

Preset graphics such as smiley faces, heart, no smoking, national flags, etc.

Real-time drawing. Create your own drawings and images.

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