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About Mobile display truck

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Mobile display truck, also known as touring cars, road show cars, stage vehicles, are semitrailer-type trailers, is a new means of mobile media, according to customer's business needs and then develop the display car design. It is a car mobile exhibition hall, a mobile demonstration platform, a mobile product experience center, with a vast space and rich advertising display resources, is a unique way for users to truly feel the company's new products. The car can be placed a variety of products and equipment, from one city to another city, to customers in various markets and potential customers to show the future of business applications. It has broken through time and geographical constraints and has widely disseminated science and ideas in an unprecedented way of innovation.

Containers can store a variety of products and can be moved around the world, but the container trucks are more closed and have less space. Therefore, the container car is not the best choice, but can be designed on the basis of a container container car more in line with the needs of mobile media tools. Container car space is not enough, the container can be closed on both sides of the left and right sides into a retractable drawer structure: When the "drawer" opened, the space increases, the car can be displayed large space display products; when the "drawer "When closed, the space is reduced, enabling the display car to move easily.

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