Mobile display trucks with National VI emissions

The current LED advertising truck 4m2 models are: Dongfeng, Jiefang, Dayun, Isuzu, and actually there is a Tang Jun. We must know that China’s trucks will soon implement the National VI emissions, and even some regions have already started to implement them. Today, let ’s talk to the card friends about Mobile display truck.

The mobile display truck we usually see has an LED display. The LED display is a flat-panel display consisting of small LED module panels that are used to display text, images, videos, video signals, etc. Various information devices. What does LED say P3, P4, P5 mean?

The display screen is composed of lamp beads, p is the dot pitch meaning, the dot pitch refers to the distance between the lamp beads, the unit is mm. For LED displays, the dot pitch directly affects the optimal viewing distance of the display. The smaller the dot pitch of the display, the more pixels there are on the display, and the clearer the picture can be displayed. The smaller the value of the dot pitch, the closer your audience can watch your screen, the greater the visual impact and the better the display effect.

Mobile display truck chassis configuration: 1900mm single-row forward cab, wheelbase 3360mm, WP2.3NQ130E61 Weichai Power 130 horsepower engine, 4 ton rear axle, Wanliyang six-speed gearbox, 7.00R16LT tires, center lock, electric doors and windows , Air-conditioning, power steering, multimedia central control screen, reversing image, air brake, 3 passengers.

Standard size of body color screen: P6: 3840 * 1728 = 6.62㎡, P5 / P4: 3840 * 1760 = 6.8㎡, rear P10 single red: 1280 * 1440 = 1.84㎡. Standard: Full-color LED screen on the front drive side, glass roller advertising light box on the co-driver side (optional double-sided screen, the device is canceled); the tailgate is equipped with a P10 single red subtitle screen as standard; internal Omar silent diesel generator 1 Taiwan (single screen 8KW dual screen 15KW) 1 industrial control computer, 1 amplifier, 4 sound columns; circulating ventilation, exhaust sunroof. High-grade wooden interior floor aluminum pattern board.

Optional: screen hydraulic lifting (lifting height 1.5 meters). Hydraulic stage (about 9.6 square meters). Hydraulic outriggers (independent, 4 pcs) generators can be replaced with battery power (option 1) Tianneng maintenance-free battery: single-sided screen with 12 batteries. Double-sided screen with 24 batteries. (Scheme 2) Lithium battery: single side screen with 2 groups. Double-sided screen with 4 groups. Note: It is equipped with an external power cord of 15 meters, and the battery power can only work for several hours.


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