Mobile LED Display Screen – Indoor and Outdoor

Large Outdoor LED Display Screen

We have provided state-of-the-art large mobile LED display screens and outdoor LED signs for major sporting events, product launches, corporate gatherings, political rallies, fairs, festivals, specialty and charitable events.

No Event is too Large, or Too Small

We have provided years of reliable service with their large indoor and outdoor screens for countless new clients, as well as our proud record of repeat customers. Not only do we rent, deliver and install large screens for your event, we help you every step of the way to determine the best screen for your needs. No matter how large or how small your event may be, we specialize in providing the right size and number of LED screens for the most effective viewing possibilities for your audience. All of our modular or mobile LED screens are very portable, allowing you the flexibility to enhance fan and sponsorship participation. Additionally, we can create any size or shape of screen with our modular units that can be custom designed to enhance your event’s special needs. Please visit OUR PRODUCTS PAGE to see our many screen size options.

LED Display Screen

Our professionalism, reliability and responsiveness to the client, is second to none, and we can deliver any size outdoor or indoor LED screen, anywhere in North America on a moments notice through our vast network of affiliate companies.

A screen is an important and highly valuable part of an event venue. Our products and support staff are top notch. For our event, the large mobile LED screen set the stage as a focal point of the event and even helped create a more safe venue by allowing our spectators a comfortable viewing environment. It is well worth the investment.

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