Advantages of LED Truck

LED truck are the solution for making sure you reach the widest, most appropriate audience for your event or campaign whether it’s a conference, concert, political event, fundraising drive any message can go anywhere thanks to the ease and convenience of LED video screen rental capabilities.

LED truck are available for both private and corporate functions. LED truck give you the ability to host a rocking party, unique lifetime event, or revenue-generating advertising or paid event. LED truck is a new design for advertising, you may see a LED truck in the highway playing the advertisement. they are portable LED truck to release your idea, LED truck aslo can be use for concert and stage for showing .they are easily move,show the High definition LED truck.

The Advantage of LED truck:

The Poineer of New Outdoor Media: LED truck has the features of mobile convenience,timely dissemination of information, multimedia compatibility, audio-visual shock to reach the audience and maximize the dissemination for your advertising.

ruck and Container Separately: LED truck’s Container can be separated from the Truck,it is more easy to maintain and get the license for your Truck.

High Quality LED truck: LED truck use the Ph10mm Outdoor Fullcolor LED truck, with the density of 10,000 dots/m2,the brightness of 7,000 nits,which is Waterproof,Shockproof,Anti-Thunder for outdoor advertising.

Advanced Power Generation System: LED truck use the KAMA or KIPOR ultra slient generator which is Fuel-Efficient up to 50% compared to the normal generator, and with the lose noise of 55 Decibel.

The Stability of the Hydraulic Cylinder System:Our LED truck use the imported Hydraulic Cylinder,can load at least of 1500kg, with stable speed,and high quality.

Anti-High Temperature System: Mobile LED has the Special Cooling systems to reduce the working temperature of the LED truck, can extend the life of the LED truck effectively.

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